Our Story

We are a small company of good friends with the purpose of bringing together Ghee and Cacao.

It’s a good thing to wonder about why we are called towards certain things in life. Attractions of all shapes and forms seem to play a number of different roles in leading us to where we need to go. One of those unbeknownst attractions for me was back in 2007 before a six month trip to India. The friend I was travelling with had finally convinced me that my seven year vegan streak was going to be near impossible to maintain in such a place. She was right and Ghee was my first introduction back into the world of animal consumption. It was as if I had found the elixir of life itself! My body responded with ease, springing into better movement, and I knew that this was the best fat we can eat.

While in Pune, India, I learned how to make Ghee from a beautiful grandmother who taught me the subtle timing and color changes to look for and she also taught me the ancient story of making Ghee. It was then I was convinced this was going to be a lifelong courtship, that would hopefully extend past my own lifetime. Arriving back in San Francisco, I started making Ghee in larger quantities, taught some workshops on how to make it, and began selling it at some farmers markets. I started learning how many people already loved this soft gold substance and how quickly new comers fell for it as well.

A few years later, I had to come to terms with the Chai habit that I formed in India. I had been drinking several teas a day and the caffeine was an actual addiction. Another friend had suggested Cacao as a good substitute when weening off of caffeine and I’ll say that it was then that one addiction got replaced by a better one! Raw Cacao is one of the best natural superfood stimulants that doesn’t leave the hangover. And similar to Ghee, it has its own story that is older than we can know about.

When I began mixing cups of hot drinking chocolate I would almost by default add in a tablespoon of Ghee. I had been doing this every morning for a few years when a thought landed upon me - I wondered why I’ve never seen a Ghee Cacao chocolate bar? Would it even work to combine the two as such?  It seemed it was asking to be done.

In the years of attempts and research in making this come to life, I asked my good friends Reymundo and Susan for help. Reymundo being a chocolate enthusiast himself and Susan having a Ghee obsession, I knew we would create something meaningful. It was here when Night of the Sun was born. In India, Ghee is often ritually made on the full moon. We see the life-giving force of Ghee as a metaphor of the sun, and the encompassing darkness of raw Cacao as the night. We derived our name from the union of these two and in essence it means the Moon. 

With much learning still underway in how to bring this to life, I thought to reach out to a company right here in Marin, California who was making the best raw Cacao bars in existence: Sacred Chocolate®. They were as excited about the idea as we were and things got underway! In the dance to get our bars certified organic, we approached the best Ghee company on the market, our other neighbors over in Berkeley, California: Ancient Organics®. It was then confirmed to us that this undertaking was bigger than us. These partnerships were bringing together the quality and integrity that we couldn't have dreamed of for our chocolate.

Life is in the details, and we value organic, fair-trade, and nutrition packed ingredients for the integrity in our food. We know that food is a very intimate relationship that people have, that these substances give their life in order to give us ours, and that these foods become us.

I still wonder about being called towards certain things in life. And I still wonder how life entrusts us with the things that we need to do. Large or small, the scope doesn’t matter, it only matters if you do it well. We are still learning and continuing in these attempts.

We are a small company of good friends bringing together Ghee and Cacao. We hope that you enjoy this coming together.


Ryan, Susan and Reymundo